søndag den 19. juli 2009

I am back...

I am back after a great vacation in Sweden. Yup I did go to the Magnolia store... three times :-)
have pictures to show, see below.
I came home to a ton of great news, I had won not one, not two but THREE challanges while I was away.
I won the the challange at http://scrapmag.blogspot.com/ Here I won a set of their new Digi stamps of my own choice.
Next I won the http://aspoonfullofsugarchallenge.blogspot.com/ challange. Here I won 5 sheets of digistamps from Daisy May cute stamps.

Last but certainly not least I won last weeks challange at
http://www.vcstampchallenges.blogspot.com/ here I won the honor of being the next guest designer, love LOVE their stamps so that is a great prize for me, then I get an email from Victoria telling me that I also won a rubberstamp of my own choice WOOHOO.. took me two days to decide. I love her stamps. If you like her stamps too you should check them out, and tomorrow, the 20 th. there is a new digi release !! I can't wait for tomorrow :-)
Pictures from the Magnolia store in Sweden.

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  1. OK, I am in tears here, LOL! As a matter of fact, I am throwing my body on the floor and kicking my feet and hitting my hands on the floor (picture me on my stomach). That is so not fair! I want to go to Sweden and then to the Magnolia store. I'm not talking to you anymore! *crying while sticking out tongue* Bad Annita!!!!!!!! LOL Love ya, girlie!

  2. Ooooo! How lucky you are to have been there! I'm soooo jealuous! :) Thanks for sharing your pictures - It looks like a very fun place.


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